Exploring current public discourse around social isolation

A podcast and blog produced by Jamie Muskopf, student in the Doctor of Social Work Program at the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. All opinions shared here are her own and do not necessarily represent those of USC.


The public discourse around social isolation can be a little unclear when it comes to defining what social isolation is. How do we define social isolation today?


Much of the discussion around social isolation focuses on older adults, children and teens. With suicide rates of active duty military members at their highest since 9/11 and civilian spouse and children’s suicide still uncounted, it’s time to take a closer look at how social isolation is really impacting this community.


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Introducing the SO Not Alone Podcast: Episode 0

This episode is a brief introduction to the SO Not Alone podcast, its purpose of exploring public discourse around the social work grand challenge of eradicating social isolation, and it[…]

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American Flag

Why Social Isolation and the Military?

I’m Jamie Muskopf, a doctor of social work student, and as a military spouse of 9 years, I’m fighting to end social isolation in our military community.  If during our[…]

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Running with the Flag

Social Isolation and the Military Community

Many discussions around social isolation in the military community place a heavy emphasis on veterans, children, spouses, and depression. In a 2016 article entitled “Depression and Military Families”, the author[…]

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